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Make deeper connections and increase your overall customer REACH.

Step 1.

Get Started

Your starting point is the Get Started page which is easily accessed from the navigation menu.

If you have yet to sign up for our platform, your account creation will occur when you add your first Listing.

Tip: Once you are signed up, be sure to Reach Further by taking advantage of our money-saving offerings, giveaways, and more.

Step 2.

Choose Your Listing Type

Click the card that matches the Listing type you would like to add to the platform.

Step 3.

Sign In/Up

To submit your first Listing, you must first sign in or sign up for an account.

If you already have a Google account, we make it that much easier to authenticate with our platform.

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Step 4.

Choose Your Listing Package

Select the Listing package that best meets your needs, and for more information, check out the available Listing Features.

Tip: Depending on the package, your Listing may appear in Listing Feeds throughout our website, and may even be given more prominence.

Step 5.

Complete Your Listing

It’s important for your Listing to as complete as possible and accurate, to have the best chance of making the right connections on the platform.

Having an accurate Listing helps to ensure that you will generate quality leads from directories you’re actually interested in connecting with.

Tip: As needs and interests change, be sure to adjust your Listing to match those changes.

Step 6.

Listing Submission

If required, enter your payment information which is securely sent to and stored by industry-trusted online payment processors.

After a successful checkout, you will receive an email with your order information, and your Listing will be submitted to our team for approval.

You will receive another email once your Listing is approved.

Tip: You can make changes to your Listing during the approval period.

Step 7.

Reach Further

Once your first Listing has been added to our platform, break through and truly take your business to another level.

Take advantage of Listing Promotions, Deal Listings, Partner Discounts, Member Giveaways, and Free Consultations.

Tip: If competition is fierce or you are just looking to get some more eyes on your Listing, consider promoting it.


Link your online directory with others to strengthen its overall value, boost incoming traffic, and improve SEO.


Find Directories

Our platform has a two-way matching feature, and while it’s magical, it’s not automated.

Using advanced search, specify the type of directory you have, and whether it serves a specific audience locale.

Flipping it around, specify the type of directory you wish to connect with and whether it needs to serve a specific audience locale.

Tip: If you’re not getting the results you would like, consider double-checking and/or reducing your search criteria.


Two-Way Matching

What if you could already know the directories that may want to connect with you?

Using two-way search, we match directories based on similar needs and interests, eliminating the guesswork.
On one side, we have a Job Directory that serves the events industry, amongst others.

It has job openings, profiles of experts looking for work, etc., and could benefit by connecting with event-related directories.

So, the directory owner updates their Listing to say they are interested in connecting with Event Directories.

On this side, we have an Event Directory that is always on the lookout to fill various job openings.

This directory could benefit by connecting to job-related directories, making it easier to find talent from trusted resources.

So, the directory owner updates their Listing to say they are interested in connecting with Job Directories.


Due Diligence

If your search ever matches you with other directories, you’re well on your way to making some valuable connections.

Take a look at the Directory Listings you’ve matched with to see what they are all about, knowing that like yours, every directory has to start somewhere.

Are their values in line with yours? Do you get overall good vibes about what they are doing? Have they received any reviews?

Tip: The simple question to ask yourself is whether the directory on the other end is worth connecting to.


Reach Out

You’ve found some directories that have piqued your interest and you’re ready to reach out…great!

At a minimum, every Listing has the ability to receive an email through its contact form.

Depending on the package the Listing owner subscribes to, you may also be able to see their direct contact information (email address, phone number, website, etc.).


Directory Networking

There are benefits when you do nothing more than add a Directory Listing to our platform.

Once you start making connections, that’s when the needle starts to really move in terms of taking your directory to another level.

Business owners can strengthen their directory’s value by providing their members with trusted links to other directories that make sense in the grand scheme of things.

Link Building is one of, if not the top, strategies when it comes to Off-Page SEO, so exchanging links with trusted members of our network can be huge for enhancing your backlink profile.

In the end, once all is said and done, directory owners should expect to see an uptick in leads and sales.


Let the community know about your skills, location, languages, etc., so directory owners and other experts can find you.


Find Experts

Our community can easily find talented professionals using advanced filters to target areas of expertise, services offered, and more, to get help with building or supporting their endeavors.

Professionals looking to collaborate on a particular project or looking to outsource work will also benefit from our network of experts.


Professional Networking

There are benefits when you do nothing more than add an Expert Listing to our platform.

Once you start making connections, doing great work for our community members, the word will get out, and you can increase your sales leads.

Along the way, you can also gain exposure to technologies and scenarios you may have otherwise missed out on.


Put your special offers in front of our community to extend customer reach, boost incoming traffic, and increase sales.


Find Deals

Using our advanced Deals Search, our community can easily find ways to save money on solutions, earn discounted entry into other directory-based communities, and more.

Tip: Be sure to also check out the Vendor Discounts we are able to offer our members.


Deal Listings

In addition to or in lieu of, advertising that typically comes with higher costs, providing Deals for our network can allow businesses or brands to cross over into markets they otherwise might not have reached.

This new reach can boost incoming traffic to the Listing owner’s own website, where they can see an improvement in their Off-Page SEO and can run the newly-found, potential customers through their sales funnels.


Easily and inexpensively introduce your offerings to a targeted audience of potential buyers when it’s time to pivot.


Find Sellers

Those looking to buy established businesses, domains, turnkey websites, etc., can use our Seller Search to easily find attractive offerings for sale.

Depending on the level of membership, the Seller will be able to disclose more information so you can get in touch with them directly, put a check in the due diligence box, etc.

Our role is to merely make the digital introduction and get out of the way.


Due Diligence

Before someone reaches out to connect with a seller, there’s a lot of information that can be gathered using various online tools.

Those looking to buy an online business or brand, for example, should look at the following aspects, to name a few.

Tip: Be sure to document your research and have that in your back pocket if you decide to reach out to the business owner.

Was the website built on a platform (WordPress, SaaS, etc.) that you’re familiar with or that you’re confident in having your business rely on?

Is your technology team (website developer, SEO specialist, etc.) comfortable with the platform?

Is the website ready to go so all that’s needed is for you to apply your own branding, your own copy/verbiage, etc.?

Or, do you anticipate significant design changes?

Does the website look good on a wide variety of mobile device brands and sizes?

Or, is there a lot of work to be done in this area?

What comes up when you search for what you would expect to be keywords for the business?

How many pages down in the search results is the business?

Has the business owner built out or at least procured social media accounts relevant to the success of the business?

If not, are the accounts available for you to procure?

The main thing to find out here is whether the website is held together by duct tape.

How many 3rd party add-ons are needed to keep the core aspects of the website operational? What are the costs for those add-ons?

Is the website reliant upon a specific developer’s proprietary custom development efforts? Is the knowledge easily transferrable? If you’re open to it, is that developer available and willing to come on as a team member?

Find out what traffic the website is bringing in, where the traffic is coming from, identify any major issues, etc., which the business owner should be able to provide as a report from their analytics platform of choice.

How is the website earning money? eCommerce technology on the website? Ads? Affiliate sales?


Learn what the business is bringing in as far as earnings, which can typically be verified by requesting screenshots that show the website in the URL.

If the business has been around less than one fiscal year, you’ll want to see what the business is bringing in, on average, since inception.

At a minimum, every Listing has the ability to receive an email through its contact form.

Depending on the package the Listing owner subscribes to, you may also be able to see their direct contact information (email address, phone number, website, etc.).


Reach Out

If there are no major red flags found as part of the due diligence process, it’s time to reach out to the Listing owner.

As part of connecting with the Listing owner, we recommend getting access (or proof) for some vital areas of their business, to continue your due diligence at a deeper level.

Those looking to buy an online business or brand, for example, should look at the following aspects, to name a few.


Seller Listings

We are not here to compete with giant marketplaces that specialize in hand-holding clients through every level of the selling process (evaluation, due diligence, etc.) while taking a significant percentage of all sales.

Instead, we provide more of a DIY approach that’s still super easy to navigate, is more targeted, and allows Listing owners to keep all of the profits of their sale.

Should there be a need for assistance, sellers are already in a community where they can easily find talented professionals to help them with all aspects of owning a business, from the legal side, down to the technology level.


Reach out.